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Our approach

AI at the service of your productivity

We audit your internal needs and develop assistants/solutions that integrate natively into your daily operations and your existing work tools.

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The Qolaig Method

A proven system to make the difference

The Qolaig method is a three-step approach to optimize your productivity with AI.

Step 1 - discovery
Audit & Recommendations

We observe your operations to identify opportunities and chart the course. We organize specific workshops to move forward quickly together.

step 2 - Implementing the solution
Achievement of your Qolaig

We create custom digital Qolaigs tailored to your specific needs, ensure their implementation, and support you in their adoption by your teams.

step 3 - Measure success
Production & Evolution

We deploy your Qolaig solutions on our infrastructure or yours and ensure their maintenance and optimization over time.

Security and Data Protection

Confidentiality and compliance

The security of your data and the compliance of your processes are crucial concerns. We collaborate with leading technology partners and provide sovereign solutions.

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Qolaig Press Review

Optimization for an investment fund
We assisted a renowned private equity fund in automating its daily press review generation. This process used to take several hours a day for the fund's analysts.
Qolaig Revue

Qolaig Talent Sourcing

Simplify your recruitment process with AI
Qolaig implemented for several companies recruiting candidates with specific profiles (school, skills, company, etc.)

The tool allows users to specify the type of profile they are looking for (position, school, skills, etc.) via a form and receive relevant profiles shortly after through Slack and the company's ATS.
Qolaig Sourcing Candidats

Qolaig Investor Profile Generation

Ease Asset Management
Qolaig implemented for an Asset Management firm.

We assisted a renowned Asset Management fund in automating the generation of investor profiles after each investment decision. The process used to take e few days each time to the fund's employees.
Qolaig Invest

Qolaig Lead Gen Marketing

Facilitated Leads matchmaking with AI.
Qolaig implemented for a company that connects freelancers and businesses.

The group's sales representatives used LinkedIn to search for posts related to hiring freelancers for specific projects. We created an automatically updated dashboard for them, displaying LinkedIn posts relevant to their search for freelancers.
Qolaig Lead Gen

Qolaig Assistant for Accountants.

AI-powered chatbot and assistant
Development of a customer service chatbot for an accounting firm.

By training our models on all interactions (anonymized) provided by the company, we implemented a chatbot for them, enabling them to obtain responses to questions posed by their clients.
Qolaig Expert Comptable
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