How AI and automation could impact HR Payroll processes

In the evolution of HR in the digital age, the role of GenAI and automation are redefining talent management. Qolaig, a leader in these technologies, focuses on enhancing HR functions in large enterprises, particularly in automating repetitive tasks like payroll processing. The piece highlights the current reliance on manual processes in HR, notably in performance reviews and salary management. Qolaig's mission is to democratize these technologies, assisting companies in leveraging AI and automation to modernize their HR operations.
How AI and automation could impact HR Payroll processes

In the digital age, HR functions are evolving rapidly, and GenAI is playing a pivotal role in this transformation. It’s not just about streamlining processes; it’s about redefining the way we manage, engage, and nurture talent within organizations.

At Qolaig, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of GenAI and automation advancements.

Within large enterprises, there are many processes that keep being done manually. ow HR teams could see their productivity boosted with the combined power of AI and automation for repetitive processes, such as dealing with payrolls of employees.

“At the end of every performance cycle, HR teams spend a lot of their time reviewing with managers the performance of their teams and defining the right merit increases and bonus awards.”, says David Yana, HR Director at Chanel.

He adds the following: “The new salary and bonus that need to be paid are entered manually by the HRBPs into the HRIS system (Human Resources Information System). From November to February, the HR department exclusively handles all associated processes (consolidation, presentations, letters, etc.), a repetitive and manual process that happens every year and within every company. AI and automation could play a crucial role in the productivity of HR teams.”

Upon digging on this subject of payroll automations, larger enterprises that are not using many tools other than their HRIS systems to deal with their HR activities, we could imagine an automated workflow that would automatically fill in the HRIS system for every employee’s merit increase and bonus award.

Since it is rule-based for non executive employees once it has been discussed , the automated workflow would work as such:

  1. Extract of the data from the HRIS system corresponding to the employees
  2. On an Excel spreadsheet where HRs enter manually for each employee, add the corresponding salary increase
  3. Automatically match the increase from the spreadsheet into the HRIS system, using AI
  4. Prepare presentations templates for the HRBPs for compensation committees
  5. Prepare check lists and make corrections following the adjustments that are made during the Committees

Once again, this type of workflow is only one of many possible use-cases of AI and automation for HR teams within companies.

At Qolaig, our role is to democratize the power of AI & Automation, helping companies leverage these technologies and accompanying them on the implementation of the use-cases.

If you are interested in automating repetitive workflows within your company, exchange with us: jonathan@qolaig.com


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